MDS Lubricants Pvt Ltd is a private limited company established in India. We offer all types of marine lubricants for supplies to vessels calling at major ports in India. We supply marine lubricants to our customers at very competitive prices and compete at a global level. We have delivery and stock points at major ports of India.

MDS Lubricants Pvt Ltd also offers finest marine gas oil, diesel fuels and international marine fuel. Marine fuels supply is available both by barge and truck. Specifications are monitored to ensure each location maintains quality equal to or greater than industry standards.

Our customers are ship owners and managers, shipping agents, bunker traders and brokers from all over the World, all of them willing to obtain the best service at the minimum cost.

Our main target is to build-up our reputation as reliable and cost efficient bunker fuels and lubricants suppliers in the ports where we are active.